Critical Differences between Turf Soccer Shoes and Soccer Cleats

Turf Soccer Shoes

When you decide to play soccer professionally, you’ll definitely come across a point where you’ll have to choose between soccer turf shoes or cleats. Both types are used to play soccer, and many believe that each offers benefits over the other. However, when you really examine the qualities of both products, you can see that there are only subtle differences.

For example, both soccer shoes and cleats have a similar sole design with a hard outer layer that protects the toe from turf damage and studs embedded into their soles, providing added traction on hard surfaces. Both cleats and turf boots lace across the instep but do not wrap around the ankle for a secure fit. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the key differences between turf soccer shoes and soccer cleats, so let’s begin with the first one.

The outsole

The basic difference between soccer turf shoes and soccer cleats is the outsole. When you observe the outsole in both products, you’ll notice that turf shoes are a little stiff on the outsole. They have small studs available at the bottom to offer better traction when playing on a field, and they are made of rubber. On the other hand, soccer cleats have slightly longer studs than turf shoes that can be made up of metal, rubber, or even plastic. So, whenever you’re about to buy soccer shoes, make sure you check the quality of the studs according to the playing condition.


There are different types of soccer shoes available at a plethora of shops but all of them are equipped with midsoles to absorb the shock while playing the game. A midsole is placed between the soleplate and the insole of a soccer shoe, and it is made up of foam fabric. Also, it also helps in maintaining the proper shape of a soccer shoe but wears away if you’re regular with your training and matches. When it comes to the difference, you get more comfortable in turf shoes than you get in cleats.


Soccer turf shoes can only be used when you’re playing on artificial surfaces. So, if you’re about to play on a muddy field with natural grass on it, you must shift your preference to soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are more durable and come with studs made of metal, so they are the best option when it comes to playing soccer on such surfaces. Soccer cleats offer better traction than turf shoes, which is why they’re chosen for their stability as well.

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