How to Choose the Right Document Shredding Company

Document Shredding Company
Document Shredding Company

Document shredding is a common task that takes place in almost every company. You have to make sure that the documents are safely shredded into pieces and with a high level of security of data or papers. Seeking the help of professional paper shredding services near you is the best option but how will you make sure that the company is reliable. Considering some of the points mentioned below can help you choose the right shredding company near you:

Familiar with compliance laws

You must hire a document shredding company that understands the security and privacy regulations of the particular industry. The rules and regulations associated with the industry your company falls under. It can be medical, legal, financial, or any other industry, each of them has a different set of rules when it comes to saving the information in documents.

Trustworthy staff

The company should be trustworthy as you’re about to give them the responsibility to get rid of the documents of your firm that may contain valuable information about work or staff. The shredding company you’re about to hire must have a professional team or crew to take up the shredding task. With this, you’ll be at peace knowing that your paperwork is in the hands of a trustworthy team that will not misuse it.

It should be NAID AAA Certified

NAID stands for National Association of Information Destruction which is a voluntary program for companies that provide information destruction services. Any company that offers professional paper shredding services in the USA beholds a certification from NAID, following the rules and regulations created by the program. To check if the company is certified or not, you can visit the website for the logo of NAID or any other program.

Security from the beginning to the end

A professional document shredding company offers a secure operation from the moment they carry the documents till they dispose of them. You can clearly observe at the site every single document that is about to be shredded or destroyed using proper security measures. The people shredding the documents are given the least possible access to them to ensure protection.

On-site and off-site service

You must check if the shredding company you’re hiring offers off-site or on-site paper shredding services. Both of them are different from each other and have their own benefits. The on-site shredding process is considered a better option as it offers transparency. You can witness the whole shredding process in front of you so that no document is missed and proper procedure is followed.

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