Why You Should Take An IELTS Test


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a renowned English language test that a person has to give. Basically, this test is given by the people who want to get admission to a foreign university or want to start their career as an English teacher. The test checks the top four skills of a person and they are – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you give a test, you’ll be ranked from 0 to 9, different universities and jobs require different scores so you should get to know that first. Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should give an IELTS test.

You can get admission to any international university

Having the IELTS qualification provides many opportunities if you need to take admission to a well-reputed university. If you’re willing to study at a university in the UK or Ireland, just read about the IELTS test dates and give the exam. Many renowned universities ask for this English language assessment on their admission requirements, and your score depends on which institution you choose to attend. For example, if you want to complete your graduation at Oxford, you need at least 7.0 on the test.

It is recognized worldwide

IELTS has indeed developed into a powerful tool in measuring the English language proficiency of candidates all over the world. IELTS provides test material for students who are planning to take up studying in the country at first or the later stage, or for those already involved in an academic program and aiming for a higher degree. The organization acts as a bridge between international perspective and professional vision.

Helps you in improving your English

Giving the IELTS exam makes sure that you’re already starting to develop your English speaking and writing skills. This test is designed to assess different skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing that is then broken down further into six modules. One will mainly be using these abilities in brief conversations with an evaluator who can give you some real-life situations so that you feel prepared for any moment like talking to colleagues at work or even when you travel abroad and might come across a native English speaker.

It covers American and British English

If you want to pursue your career in the English language, you must be aware of the fact that American and British English are pretty different from each other. You’ll come across many certifications but most of them will either focus on American English or British English. IELTS on the other hand covers both American and British English. So, you don’t have to worry about the type of English you’ve been preparing for the test.

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